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World Design Weeks
Every year, more than 100 design exhibitions, design weeks and festivals are held in over 60 cities globally. Originated during 2014 Tokyo Design Week, WDW was an open alliance initiated by design weeks of Europe, America, Asia etc. It’s dedicated to improving the global communication, understanding, education and connection of designers. So far, the world’s top design weeks such as Milan Design Week, Tokyo Design Week, Helsinki Design Week etc. are all members of WDW. Suzhou Design Week has maintained a sound cooperation with WDW, International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development of UNESCO, proactively participated in critical international design weeks and festivals, so as to make Suzhou Design Week a cultural name card of Suzhou and even our nation.
At the end of 2018, when the first Suzhou Design Week was successfully held, Suzhou has become a reserve city of WDW. After the closing ceremony of the third Suzhou Design Week in 2020, Suzhou will officially become a member of WDW.
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